Typical Applications
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PHP Walkway Systems

Available Materials: Galv. Steel, HDG Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum (6005-T5). Zero Roof Penetration ®.
  • A stable rooftop system offering maximum load distribution while extending roof life.
  • Economical to install. Your people can do it themselves! Pre-assembled substractures.
  • Available with galvanized slip-resistant surface
  • Customized to match your roof type. Should you need change, the system is easy to expand or reconfigure.
  • Long lasting and cost effective.
  • Seismic Applications available.
Available Configurations:
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Installation Procedure:

PHP Walkway Systems, with or without Handrails and Toe Board, for built-up, single-ply and sloped, standing seam metal roofs.

PHP Walkway is specifically designed to be installed directly on the roof without roof penetration, flashing or damage to the roofing material.

The system shall be designed to support all weight and equipment as required.

The system shall consist of the following:

Bases Frame Platform Handrails Clamping Hardware
High Density
Polyethylene Plastics
and other additives
for UV Protection.
12 gauge, 1 5/8" strut
G-5812, or approved equal,
12 gauge back-to-back strut
G-1012A, or approved equal.
13 gauge Shur Grip
safety grating planks, or approved equal
12 gauge, 1 5/8" strut
G-5812, or approved equal
Electro-Plated Bolts,
Nuts and Washers