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PHP Seismic Applications

PHP Seismic Applications: Pipe & Duct Supports, Platforms & Crossovers, Custom Products.
Available Configurations:
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PHP Seismic Applications: Pipe & Duct Supports, Platforms & Crossovers, or Custom PHP Products- for built-up, single-ply and sloped, standing seam metal roofs.

When it comes to earthquake preparedness in an industrial production facility, nonstructural features like Pressure Piping Systems are especially vulnerable to earthquake damage. If companies don’t properly detail their piping systems, they risk potentially devastating financial effects from property loss or production shut-downs.

Pressure piping systems carry a wide range of fluids and gases around buildings, generally at pressures greater than 15 psi. Systems are usually configured in some combination of horizontal and vertical runs of pipe suspended overhead or mounted on (and penetrating through) walls, floors or roofs.

Improperly supported or unbraced piping can fall or sway into adjacent equipment or structures. Joints, connections to equipment, bends, and penetrations are often the source of breaks and leakage, damaging both the piping system and whatever else happens to be nearby.

The system shall be designed to support all weight and equipment as required.

Parts and Material

Installation Procedure (tap image to enlarge):

Concrete Roof, Wedge Anchors:
Concrete Roof, Threaded Rods:
Wood / Metal Roof, Threaded Rods:
Typical Applications
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