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PHP-D Duct Supports

Rooftop PHP-D Duct Supports: Type 'G' (Goal Post), Type 'E' (Encapsulated), Custom. Zero Roof Penetration ®.
Available Configurations:
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ductSmod1 ductSmod2 ductSmod3

PHP PHP-D Duct Supports:, Type 'G' (Goal Post), Type 'E' (Encapsulated), or Custom, for built-up, single-ply and sloped, standing seam metal roofs.

PHP PHP-D Duct Supports are specifically designed to be installed directly on the roof without roof penetration, flashing or damage to the roofing material.

The system shall be designed to support all weight and equipment as required.

Parts and Material
Installation Procedure
Typical Applications
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Duct Sprts Duct Sprts Duct Sprts Duct Sprts Duct Sprts Duct Sprts Duct Sprts Duct Sprts

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